In Game Stats :: Artifact
Item Name Level Class Type Element Stats Brand Dropped 1.3 Valid Willow Export Uploader
0 Siren X4 The Alpha and that other thing.
Improves Lilith's Phasewalk skill.
Eridian This item is modded/hexed This item is 1.3 valid ares990
Character Editor Values
Grade gd_itemgrades.ElementalUpgrades.ItemGrade_Elemental_Lilith
Type gd_ElementalUpgrade.A_Item.ElementalArtifact_Lilith
Body gd_ElementalUpgrade.Body.Body_RequiredShared
Left Side gd_ElementalUpgrade.LeftSide.LeftSide_Level6
Right Side gd_ElementalUpgrade.RightSide.RightSide_Corrosive
Material None
Manufacturer gd_manufacturers.Manufacturers.Eridian
Prefix dlc3_gd_item_UniqueParts.Title.Title_U_Atlas_Omega
Title dlc3_gd_item_UniqueParts.Title.Title_U_Atlas_Omega
Quality -1
Patch 1.3 Level -1
Uploader Comments
Grant's 6 on corrosive at no level requirement.

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